31.1.2014 Today we released Burning Cars at Steam. It available for purchase, at Steam . Thanks to all who support us on Greenlight.
31.12.2008 Today we make press-release of new non announce game. Polynetix Studio with cooperation WIWD games developing non classic RTS - "Direct Hit: Missile War" (russian title is "Боеголовки: Война Ракет". Visit game site dh.polynetix.com for more info. Release in first half-yaer of 2009.
12.03.2008 Our studio take part in Game Developer's Conference 2008 (KRI-2008) in Moscow.
5.03.2008 At this moment we stop sell our Screen Savers. Thanks to all customers, publishers and support team. Our best seller was - Polynetix New Year Screensaver. We are greatly pleased that you like it so much.
29.12.2007 We completely translate Russian version of "Pe-2: Dive Bomber" to english language. Now our publisher ND (Noviy Disk) searching co-publishers in foreign countries. We hope that Pe-2 soon be released...
1.10.2007 Our first game project - "Pe-2: Dive Bomber" is released. For the moment it is available only on russian language, and only on territory of Russian Federation and CIS.
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